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Every years, you have to make an annual report to your employers, to make it stunning and impressive, you can let our company Digital Printing ltd lend a hand to help you have the best annual report ever.

Printing Annual Reports service

Your annual reports will has the best design ever as a sign of professionalism to the employers and administrators. With our new printing technology in full-color, you can have an even better design. Further more, our post-printing processing service will make sure your report has the best accuracy in paper size, printing color, and finely cut.

Test Samples printing – the best way to meet customers’ demand.

Instead of printing your order rightaway; we focus into a better quality business document printing service; our product have to meet the even the tallest order. Therefore, the test samples printing service was available for customers as an evidence of our printing quality.

  • For larger formating products: Customer chooses a part of their design to print out; they will have a view of the sample to see if the color and image has met the quality; If the customer is satisfied with the result, we will print out their order.
  • For offset printing products (large quatity order): we print a sample by digital color printing  technology, with the color quality equal to 70% of the offset.

You can go to our printing center at 365 Lê Quang Định, Phường 5, Quận Bình Thạnh, Tp.HCM to have a look in our test sample printing service.

How to order your annual report to Digital Printing ltd.

  • Our customer service phone number (028) 2237 6666 – (028) 2238 6666 – (028) 224 66666 – 09 09 09 96 69 will receive your order through the phone in the regular business hours.
  • Our email address: will not only receive your order but also your own design; if your files are too large, there are two method you can use:
    • Upload your files to Google Drive and share the file link to the email
    • Copy your files to the USB flash drive or external harddisk and bring it to our printing center Digital Printing
    • After receiving your order, we will check your files and give the exact cost of the services to you; after printing and processing, we will either notify you to get the order or deliver it (delivery will have extra charges).

With 10 years experience in full service printing, from printing for advertisement, for event planning, for businesses,… we had done orders from varieties of customers from individuals, shops to companies, NGOs, school and universities,… Our experience in printing and processing will guarantees you the best quality of the printing products.

About some more of our product, please contact us at the main website at In here, we may provide you with more detailed information about our company, our products, and services.

For further information about our annual report printing from Digital Printing ltd please contact us by these information.


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