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With the ad specialties, your company will have a great chance to make your advertisement well-known and go viral in a very natural way.

Please use our full-services printing for ad specialties today at Digital Printing Ltd.

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What are ad specialties?

The ad specialties make use of objects like pens, keychains, calendars or coffee cups in order to naturally show off your brand name to your customers. Your brand, your company logo, your slogans are all printed on those objects. After printing, we will continue to give you post-printing processing services to make your products looks even better. This method of advertising is not only affordable, but also as effective as using media advertising services for your brands and product. By using these printing products as gift or complimentary products to your customers, your brands will spread to their families and friends, it is very effective and not too annoying like TV advertisement between your favorite gameshow.

Printing Ad specialties in Digital Printing Ltd

Our company has been on business since 2005, we have the latest business document printing technology with 10 years of experience, we had done over thousands of orders for all kinds of customer in all over the cities and nearby areas.

With our expierience, our full service printing products in ad specialties are finished in least time, with good quality, and has been very helpful to our customers:

  • Printing consultant experiences: varieties of customer demands have been met and done perfectly, our consultants knows very well about every printing product and process, printing product’s function, as well as the pros and cons of them.
  • Printing process experiences: our company had been working in digital printing from the very beginning of our business, using even the first prototype printer, we know how the printers has been improved through those years. Therefore, our printing technology at Digital Printing ltd is always updated.
  • Post-printing processing services experience: Our workers have 10 years experience in post-printing processing, guaranteed that our company can do most of the post-printing process with ease…

Contact information about Digital Printing Itd

About some more of our product, please contact us at the main website at In here, we may provide you with more detailed information about our company, our products, and services.

In order to contact us for ordering, please call to these phone numbers: 09 09 09 96 69 - (028) 2237 6666 – (028) 2238 6666 – (028) 224 66666 or send us your order with your own design (optional) to the mail You can also contact our customer services directly at the company address 365 Le Quang Dinh Street, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.

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