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Business cards or name card are very crucial to keep business’s image and brandname stored carefully in customers’ pocket. At Digital Printing ltd, we provide best business card printing services to our customers.

Business cards option

There are two main business cards printing options available according to our printing materials:

Paper business cards: Business cards are made from couche, art or bristol papers. Post-processing services include cutting cards to shapes, refining lines and others methods…

Plastic business cards: for better quality business cards, which are made from plastic which have more durability and do not get soaked when in contact with water. The plastic business cards is transparent, making it has a more unique look.

Business cards Printing Services at Digital Printing ltd.

At Digital Printing ltd, we provide the best business card printing services and price in Ho Chi Minh city and even all over the country. Because we have:

  • The Japanese brand Mimaki printers for oil-based ink products.
  • The offset printers for the larger quality of business cards printing.
  • Years of printing experience: with our 10 years experience in business document printing business, all of our departments: customer services, printing process workers, post-printing process workers… are ready to meet variety of demands from out customers.
  • Pre-printing design/Retouching services from customers’ order: Refining your design to the best quality before printing.
  • Delivery service:  No matter you are in the city or the other provinces, we will receive all of your printing order and deliver them to your own home or company.

About some more of our product, please contact us at the main website at In here, we may provide you with more detailed information about our company, our products, and services.

For further information about our full service printing, you can contact us through these phone number series 09 09 09 96 69 - (028) 2237 6666 – (028) 2238 6666 – (028) 224 66666 or the email to have yourself consult about our services as soon as possible.

Direct contact at our printing center at 365 Lê Quang Định Street, Ward 5, District Bình Thạnh, HCM city.

To have the most accurate business cards printing order, you might need to contact us at the printing center Digital Printing ltd with the address 365 Lê Quang Định Street, ward 5, District Bình Thạnh, HCM city.

Being there, you can describe how your product should look like to our consultant; Moreover, we can show you samples of our printing products that we had been printing for our recent customers; our real product samples will let you have a more clearly insight about our products when printing at Digital Printing ltd.

Right when you had a need of printing services, please contact us at Digital Printing ltd immediately to get the most competitive price in the market, order instruction, delivery information, and the most convenient paying method.

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