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Binders and index tabs are a product to keep documents and paper together, normally you can buy it very easily at the office material shops or bookstores.

However, if you want to have your binders and index tabs had your own design and giving an unique style. Our company Digital Printing ltd’s Binders & index tabs printing services is available.

The materials of binders & Index tabs

Binders and index tabs are either using the formex plastic paper to keep the paper hard or thinner PVC plate. You can send your binders’ cover design to the email or have us design it according to your demand. You can also go the our printing center at 365 Lê Quang Định street, ward 5, district Bình Thạnh for direct consult and guideline for ordering.

Why should you order your binders and index tab printing at Digital Printing?

  • Best quality – binders and index tab printing materials are from reliable sources, post-printing process are refined and the printing colors are clear and beautiful. 
  • Fast printing – thanks to the lastest printing technology give a great improve to the speed of printing, waiting time is about 1 to 5 days depend on the products printing method and how much you order.
  • Dependable services – our customer services is the first priority, with the staff answering your order from phone and email almost immediately , the printing consultant and the prices are provided in details to the customers.
  • Services variety – from offset printing to digital printing, hundreds of printing products and been provided with the most competitive prices.

About some more of our product, please contact us at the main website at In here, we may provide you with more detailed information about our company, our products, and services.

Printing the most inexpensive and best quality binders & index tabs printing products at Digital Printing ltd

Binders & index tabs business document printing services from Digital Printing ltd is provided any customer in need; beside the quality, we also have a professionalism in customers services and order receiving:

There are three ways for customers to give us orders:

  • Directly contact us at the address 365 Lê Quang Định street, Ward 5, District Bình Thạnh, HCM city, in here our customer service staff will take in your order as well as give consult about the appropriate printing materials and techniques.
  • Give order through the e-mail, customers may using their web mail normally on computers; or to be more convenient, sending emails by using smart phones or tablets.
  • Call to the call center at the numbers (028) 2237 6666 – (028) 2238 6666 – (028) 224 66666 – 09 09 09 96 69 to talk to our consultant staffs.

The inexpensive, good quality and fast binders & index full service printing provided by Digital Printing will help you lower your printing cost with our most competitive prices in the current printing market!

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