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Displayed horizontally, vertically, indoors or out, a banner is a versatile and cost-effective way to put your message in many places.

Add impactful design and full-color graphics and a banner will stand out, get your message noticed and make it memorable. Perfect for promotions and special events, our custom full-color banners provide high visibility that attracts and motivates customers. Contact us today and fly your banner high!

Full-color banners printing service at Digital Printing ltd – it is not just about the quality, it is about the professionalism.

For the speed and efficiency of our printing products, the customer consultants for business document printing are available to guide, receive and finishing your order in a strict process:

  • For customers who give order the first time: our customer services department will give you an idea how our printing processes; how we print, process, deliver and receive our payment.
  • For customers who have had several orders before: our consultant will still give you detail information; from your previous order, we can make the your current order with even shorter time and better quality, and also improving how we do our order from the other customers.
  • For regular customers who order prequently: our consultants have already know what and how you order your printing products; therefore, they only need a phone call or an email to get their products ready for them.

Having the best price at Digital Printing 

  • Contact us through the call center number (028) 2237 6666 – (028) 2238 6666 – (028) 224 66666 – 09 09 09 96 69 you will get consulted about the prices and the services in the shortest time we can.
  • We also receive your full-color banners design and order throught the email innhanh@inkythuatso.com to have our designers have a look on your design; if you need us to retouch, we will do it for you in no time.
  • About some more of our product, please contact us at the main website at inkythuatso.com. In here, we may provide you with more detailed information about our company, our products, and services.

With the directly imported printing materials and having the printer right at the company without using any third-party services. Digital Printing will bring you the most inexpensive full service printing prices more than ever.

Further more, our delivery service will be more convenient for you to receiver your product parcels, we can deliver your order almost anywhere in the countries:

  • Deliver in the HCM city: we will deliver it either by vans or bikes depends on the quatity of the products. (Delivering cost extra charges)
  • Deliver in other areas: we deliver your full-color banners products through buses or post: any fees is paid by customers before the order is delivered.

If you want to use the delivery service, please notify us through email or phone to our consultant right away so we can calculate the time and cost for delivery; then notify you to get your goods as soon as possible.

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